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Sephardic Heritage and Tradition

The JDOHSS has a commitment to educate our children to study, practice, and feel a special pride And loyalty to the precious and unique Sephardic lifestyle of past generations. JDOHSS prides itself in preserving and safeguarding the laws and customs as they were passed down to us in the Sephardic rich heritage.

Limudei Kodesh

Our Rabanim and Morot instill a love and commitment to Jewish learning and Torah observance. Fashioned with the established curricular standards of Torah Umesorah and our Sephardic Rabbinate, the Judaic studies program at JDOHSS encompasses every aspect of Contemporary Torah Chinuch. Beginning with Humash Navi and Halacha continuing on to Mishna and Gemara, strong emphasis on Jewish History and Hebrew language arts (literature, grammar, spelling and creative writing) help cultivate a special Love and appreciation for Eretz Yisrael and the ability to relate to and communicate with many different communities among our Jewish people.

Through the years, students develop an enhanced appreciation for what it means to be a part of a Jewish community and our Sephardic Kehila. Our enriched Judaic Studies program is further enhanced through the use of state of the art technology such as the Sifria iPad program as well as special activities held throughout the year.

Events such as Berachot Bee, Jewish Trivia Game, Model Seder, Lag Ba’Omer Olympics, Mishmar, Bat Mitzvah program, Matmidim, Passover Food Drive, Chai Lifeline Toy Drive, and Most valuable “Pray”er awards are but a few of the special incentive programs which add “Life to the Light” of each student’s future. Each program is specifically created to reinforce the lifelong commitment to Torah, Avoda, and Gemilut Hasadim which are core to our curriculum. At JDOHSS teaching and modeling Midot Tovot and Derech Eretz is an integral part of our philosophy.

General Studies

At Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet, excellence in education is the hallmark to our General Studies program. Through our rigorous, Ministry approved, General Studies curriculum, each child is offered the opportunity to learn at their own pace as they develop within the program. Capitalizing on our small class sizes, teachers offer individual attention to your child. The General Studies program at Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet is specially designed to provide a solid foundation for success in secondary school studies. Our curriculum is further re-enforced through special events such as our annual Book Fair, Reading Day, Trilingual Spelling Bee, Creative Writing and Public Speaking Competitions, Science Fair and Educational Expositions, Weizmann Institute’s Math by Mail, and our monthly award and Scientists in School programs. We consistently strive to provide and become a leader in progressive education. We work with specialized consultants to meet our ongoing goals for our teachers and students. Learning never stops at the Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet School.

Early Years

Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet offers a unique and progressive early childhood education program encompassing Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Junior Grade One. It introduces the concept of “school”. Each of our preschool grades is unique and builds on a foundation of understanding. The curriculum focuses on children’s curiosity about the world around them through sensory activities. The curriculum balances an innovative approach along with the exploration and teaching of foundational skills while offering a wide range of experiences. In the Early Years program, the children are encouraged to be active participants in their learning. We create a combination of social, creative, physical and intellectual learning experiences. We provide challenging learning opportunities that build a solid foundation for lifelong learning. This is all delivered in a warm, caring, safe and stimulating environment where specially Trained ECE qualified teachers help your child achieve maximum growth and development.

Individual Student Pathway Department

JDOHSS is committed to an educational process where the student is at the center. We have created the Miriam and David Bitton ISP Department for the purpose of meeting individual needs of our students. We believe in optimizing opportunities for every student to succeed. The department head provides a professional link between: teachers, parents, students, professional therapists, social workers, and psycho educational consultants.