Joining the At-Home Learning Program


  • Our At-Home Learning Program is available for students who are absent for COVID related reasons  


  • Please note that students participating in this program may only return to school on a scheduled opt-in date.


        These dates are listed below:

Monday, November 23      Monday, March 8

Monday, January 4          Tuesday, April 6

Monday, January 18         Monday, May 3

  • To access the At-Home Learning Zoom links, please click below. Note: The Zoom link requires a password, which will only be shared once your child has been approved to participate in the program.  


  • Please note that it may require up to two business days for students to join class via Zoom


  • Teachers will only admit approved students to Zoom


  • Once your child has been approved, please email their teachers for the weekly schedule



At-Home Learning Guidelines


  • The participant’s camera must be on


  • Use first and/or last name when joining Zoom classroom so teacher can easily identity participant


  • Students must wear school uniform and parents appearing on camera should adhere to basic tzniut standards


  • Adhere to the schedule and join on time


  • Participant should mute themselves whenever there is background noise at home


  • Under no circumstances should anyone who is not a student in the class interact with the teacher or other students during classroom lessons. Violation of this rule will result in students being removed from the At-Home Learning Program 


  • The Zoom video connection can create privacy concerns as our teachers and students are now visible in your homes. We ask that parents refrain from observing or joining in on live, in-class sessions. If you need to support a younger child in getting set up or connecting to a Zoom link, please do so and then leave them to participate independently. 

At Home Learning Links