Extra-Curricular Programming

Events such as Rosh Hodesh Program, Tu B'Shevat Berachot Bee, Model Seder, Lag Ba’Omer Olympics, Mishmar, Matmidim, Passover Food Drive and the Chai Lifeline Toy Drive are but a few of the special incentive programs which add “Life to the Light” of each student’s future. Each program is specifically created to reinforce the lifelong commitment to Torah, Avoda, and Gemilut Hasadim which are core to our curriculum. At JDOHSS teaching and modeling Midot Tovot and Derech Eretz is an integral part of our philosophy.

Sports & After School Activities


Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet prides itself in offering a full range of after-school activities. These include boys and girls basketball and boys’ martial arts. The sports programs reflect student interests and can change. To help out parents and students we have a homework and extended-hours daycare program.



An after-school program combining Sephardic Heritage enrichment, Torah learning with extracurricular recreational activities.

Staff vs. Students Basketball

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An incentive program that encourages our 5-8 Boys to continue their Torah studies during vacations. Students will be acknowledged for their effort at the

year-end Grade 8 Graduation ceremony.

Rosh Hodesh Program

The Rosh Hodesh Program is only possible thanks to our generous donors.

If you are interested in sponsoring or for more information, please contact Mrs. Sara Cohen at sara.cohen@jdohss.org