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Gan Ohr provides an engaging, interactive student centered education encompassing Pre-K, JK and SK. Our environment nurtures our students' curiosity and excitement as it provides them with a strong foundation in Torah, Midot and Excellence. 

Each of our preschool grades is unique and builds on a foundation of understanding. The curriculum focuses on children’s curiosity about the world around them through sensory activities. The curriculum balances an innovative approach along with the exploration and teaching of foundational skills while offering a wide range of experiences.

Gan Ohr


In our Gan Ohr program, the children are encouraged to be active participants in their learning. We create a combination of social, creative, physical and intellectual learning experiences. We provide challenging learning opportunities that build a solid foundation for lifelong learning. This is all delivered in a warm, caring, safe and stimulating environment where specially trained ECE qualified teachers help our students' achieve maximum growth and development.


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Our students develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills, coordination and concentration. 

Learning is done in a very interactive, hands-on way, through a variety of experiences. 

We deliver a comprehensive literacy and math program where students are immersed in all facets of learning. 

Our curriculum highlights core Torah values: Tefila, Hesed and Middot Tovot. 

Our warm and dedicated staff encourage collaboration and student independence.

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