Student Services

Student Services implements a team approach to effectively meet the needs of the different learners in the school.  The team is made up of the Co-ordinator, Mrs. Herzog; the Behaviour Specialist, Mrs. Arnold; the SERT, Mrs. Caro and the Support teachers; Mrs. Tsverling, Mrs. Ohayon, and Mrs. Frisch-Israel.  The team identifies the needs of the learners and provides enrichment, learning and behavior support as required.  Student Services work closely with the families, the teachers, the administration and any professionals who can give our team a more detailed understanding of the needs of the learners.  The teaching staff is provided insights about Universal Design and Differentiation in order to meet the various needs of the students.  Student Services is committed to developing success with student learning.   


School support staff play an important role in ensuring students are learning in a safe and supportive learning environment. They can foster positive, trusting relationships with students and improve school climate by encouraging parent and family involvement in education. Because students connect with school support staff on many occasions throughout the school day, support staff can model positive behavior and send positive messages to students. JDOHSS Student Services implements a team approach to effectively meet the needs of students through enrichment and support as required by working closely with parents, teachers, administration and professionals. Our Student Services Department is committed to developing student success.