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Is Ohr Haemet right for your family?

Let's find out together.

Just like every child, every family deserves to be seen, understood, and valued. At Ohr HaEmet, each family is an important part of our team, with a unique voice and needs.

Our professional and charismatic staff work together with parents to ensure they gets the support and information they need to help their children succeed.


Application Process

Step 1: Application

To complete your application process, you will need the following:

  • A recent photo of your child

  • Copy of the child's birth certificate

  • Copy of the child's up-to-date immunization records

  • Rabbinic reference: Name of family Rabbi and contact information

  • Registration fee


Step 2: Schedule a Visit

We'd like to get to know your child!


  • Students entering Pre-K, JK, or SK are invited to come and visit the classroom, meet the teachers and enjoy an informal "play-date", to give them the opportunity to become familiar with the environment and help you prepare your child for the upcoming transition.


  • Students entering Grade 1-8 will meet with our Principal for an informal evaluation in both General Studies and Hebrew reading and comprehension.  This assessment helps us understand your child's academic standing and needs in relation to our programs at Ohr HaEmet.

Step 3: Admissions Decision

Upon Completion of all steps of the application process, the Admissions Committee will send you an email  with the decision , Once accepted, you will be directed back to your online Parent Portal account to complete your child's online registration.


Please reach out to us to assist you in any way through the Admissions Process.  We are here to help you!


We understand how difficult and intruding the tuition process is across the spectrum of Jewish education in Toronto. To that end, we've created a process that maximizes the respect, privacy, and empathy that we ourselves would want to have as parents.

All subsidy applications are handled by the UJA directly, with Ohr HaEmet acting as mediator and point of contact. Tuition files are kept strictly confidential, and only reviewed by two elected individuals. No members of school staff are aware of anyone's financial information. 

The financial team does their absolute best to work together with families to set tuition goals that are both attainable, fair, and open the possibility of frum, Jewish education to as many Jewish children as possible.

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