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Add Life to the Light.

Even the best education can seem like endless years of toil for your child, whether or not they struggle with academics or social skills.  Children work hard to complete homework assignments, study for tests, and fill their many obligations that their education requires.


At Ohr HaEmet, we understand the need to balance excellence in academics with excellence in all forms of education. Every child shines in their own way, and we want to give our students every opportunity to enjoy their many years in school by providing them with the outlets that help them understand their strengths and to develop their overall sense of self.

Take a peek at some our extracurricular programming ↓
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Chesed Program

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Kindness, Kavod, and Gemilut Chasadim are all on display when our students actively participate in the numerous Chesed organizations in the greater Toronto Jewish community.  Some of these programs include:


  • Project Give Back

  • Ezrat Achim Mishloach Manot

  • Passover Food Drive

  • Chai Lifeline

  • Toonie Tuesday for Tzedakah

  • Jump Rope For Heart

Educational Extras

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  • Field Trips

  • Book Fair

  • Book Worms

  • Bat Mitzvah Program

  • Girls' Shabbaton

  • Beracha Bee

  • Thursday Night Mishmar

  • Matmidim and Matmidot


Our students engage in collaborative project based, STEAM projects.  These fun, science- based projects encourage students to:


  • take thoughtful risks

  •  engage in experiential learning

  •  persist in problem-solving

  •  embrace collaboration

  • work through a creative process


STEAM events include:

  • Design competitions

  • Flame Pit


  • Maker Space



Some of the children's favorite programs, revolve around the chagim.  In preparation for each and every Chag, JDOHSS plans and creates inspiring programs to keep adding Light to the Life of our student's futures.


Throughout the year our children participate in:


  • Apple Picking Trip

  • Sukkah Presentations

  • Light Up for Chanuka

  • Yom Hashoah presentations

  • Purim Carnivals

  • Schoolwide Model Seder

  • Lag Ba'omer Colour Olympics

Leadership Training

Our students are given tools to develop their leadership skills. They are empowered to take active roles in school programs, developing their own voice, and impacting the school culture.


Leadership Programs include:


  • The Friendship Builders

  • Fundraising Initiatives

  • Graduation Trip Funding and Planning


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Why do we value sports at Ohr HaEmet?


As a team member, you gain qualities and characteristics you don't gain in the classroom:  Some of these include:


  • Welcoming collaboration

  • Holding yourself accountable

  • Having a positive attitude

  • Committing to the team

  • Building stamina and strength 


Ohr Haemet has active basketball, soccer, and softball teams in the Jewish Day School Sports League.

Ohr After Four

Are you a working parent who struggles to pick up your child by 4 o'clock every afternoon?

Is it a challenge to take your child to extra curricular activities across the GTA after a long day? We're here to help!


We have an after school day care, managed by our charismatic staff who are  prepared to give their best to our students after hours.  The children relax while they wait for their parents, and enjoy some down time, activities and snacks with their peers. We have also created fun and engaging extracurricular opportunities for our students who benefit from more stimulation and have extra energy to burn!


Activities range from coding, art, drama, sports, dance, Mishna club, and more! ​With so many programs offered, there is something for everyone!

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