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Chesed Program

Kindness, Kavod, and Gemilut Chasadim are all on display when our students actively participate in the numerous Chesed organizations in the greater Toronto Jewish community.  Some of these programs include:


  • Project Give Back

  • Ezrat Achim Mishloach Manot

  • Passover Food Drive

  • Chai Lifeline

  • Toonie Tuesday for Tzedakah

  • Jump Rope For Heart

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Ohr After Four

Are you a working parent who struggles to pick up your child by 4 o'clock every afternoon?

Is it a challenge to take your child to extra curricular activities across the GTA after a long day? We're here to help!


We have an after school day care, managed by our charismatic staff who are  prepared to give their best to our students after hours.  The children relax while they wait for their parents, and enjoy some down time, activities and snacks with their peers. We have also created fun and engaging extracurricular opportunities for our students who benefit from more stimulation and have extra energy to burn!


Activities range from coding, art, drama, sports, dance, Mishna club, and more! ​With so many programs offered, there is something for everyone!

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