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At Ohr HaEmet, our comprehensive educational programming spans from the youngest ages all the way through Grade 8, offering a holistic approach to learning that caters to the diverse needs and interests of our students. From the rich, Torah-based curriculum of Limudei Kodesh to the rigorous, Ontario-guideline adherent General Studies, and the engaging, interactive environment of Gan Ohr for our youngest learners, we provide a nurturing and stimulating educational experience. Our programs emphasize excellence, creativity, and character development, ensuring that students not only achieve academic success but also grow as respectful, knowledgeable, and responsible members of the Jewish community and the broader society.


Limudei Kodesh


At JDOHSS, our esteemed Rabanim and Morot nurture a deep-rooted passion for Torah, blending Torah Umesora's curricular standards with Sephardic traditions to offer a comprehensive Limudei Kodesh program. Our curriculum includes traditional texts and Hebrew language arts, focusing on character development through Derech Eretz and middot tovot.

Enhanced with modern technology like Smart Boards and iPad programs, our Judaic Studies curriculum is designed to foster respect, kindness, and a strong Jewish identity. Special activities and initiatives, such as Rosh Hodesh programs and chesed projects, encourage students to apply what they learn to their daily lives, embodying these values in every interaction.


General Studies


Our General Studies program at Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet prioritizes excellence in education, preparing students to be life-long learners ready for the 21st century. Adhering to Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, our curriculum emphasizes literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies, integrating experiential learning and practice. We utilize a co-teaching model in Grades 2-8 for specialized, comprehensive instruction in Math/Science and Literacy/Social Studies. Our approach to language arts combines phonics and whole language within a structured literacy framework, promoting Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, and Media Literacy, and incorporates multi-sensory activities for younger students.

In mathematics, we focus on fact fluency and fundamentals, encouraging connections with everyday life and introducing concepts like mathematical modelling, coding, and financial literacy. Science and technology education covers Life Systems, Structures and Mechanisms, Matter and Energy, and Earth and Space Systems, fostering inquiry and problem-solving skills. Our social studies curriculum develops transferable skills for critical examination, respect for different viewpoints, and solution-oriented thinking. This robust foundation prepares students for success in secondary education and beyond.


Gan Ohr

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Gan Ohr offers a dynamic, student-centered educational experience for Pre-K, JK, and SK, fostering curiosity and excitement in a nurturing environment. Our program lays a strong foundation in Torah, Midot, and Excellence, tailoring each preschool grade to build upon the last. Through sensory activities, we ignite children’s curiosity about their surroundings, combining innovative teaching methods with the exploration of foundational skills, enriched by a diverse range of experiences.

Children in our Gan Ohr program actively engage in their education, benefiting from a blend of social, creative, physical, and intellectual learning opportunities. We emphasize challenging experiences that pave the way for lifelong learning, all within a warm, caring, and stimulating setting. Our dedicated ECE qualified teachers ensure that each student achieves maximum growth and development, supporting a solid educational foundation.

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