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Student Services

Our Student Services Department ensures that the needs of all of our students are met. 


Academic Support

  • In-class academic skill support is provided by our Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) for students in Grades 1-8. Using the class environment, students receive extra one-on-one support to help boost the skills needed to become successful, independent learners.

  • Intensive reading support instruction is given one-on-one or in small groups to students in SK to Grade 3. This service is provided to emerging readers in reading for both English and Hebrew.


Therapeutic Support

Various therapies are available to our students. 

  • Speech Therapy is offered to students that mispronounce, misarticulate, distort words or stutter


  • Occupational Therapy provides support to students needing assistance with fine motor skills, handwriting, organization, balance and coordination, sensory skills, social skills, etc.


  • Physical Therapy is available for students needing to develop their gross motor skills  


Emotion Wellness and Behavior Support

In conjunction with our strong academic programs, we also emphasize the social and emotional development of each child through workshop-based and individual instruction around relationship building, social communication skills training and problem solving.


As part of the Student Services Department, our Behaviour Consultant is committed to the overall social-emotional well-being of our students. Working with students, staff and parents, the Behaviour Consultant designs and delivers programs which focus on the development of prosocial skills as well as bullying prevention.

Ohr After Four

Are you a working parent who struggles to pick up your child by 4 o'clock every afternoon?

Is it a challenge to take your child to extra curricular activities across the GTA after a long day? We're here to help!


We have an after school day care, managed by our charismatic staff who are  prepared to give their best to our students after hours.  The children relax while they wait for their parents, and enjoy some down time, activities and snacks with their peers. We have also created fun and engaging extracurricular opportunities for our students who benefit from more stimulation and have extra energy to burn!


Activities range from coding, art, drama, sports, dance, Mishna club, and more! ​With so many programs offered, there is something for everyone!

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